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republicans yet never hear about any solution other than america voted for obama. we need to demand solutions. arrive from texas, no more reform, no more income tax, flat, or otherwise. passed a fair tax, tax consumption, not income, taxing income is counterproductive. and it does thank you for your optimistic outlook for america. needed a lift. glass half full, my friend. finally, another example of waste, fraud, and abuse. this time from louisiana. a local newspaper in danvers talking about a little-known state law that will make residents pay more at the grocery store. alysian requires that grocers markup milk prices 6% above the invoice and shipping costs, 6%. a local store called fresh market has a weekly special, gallons of milk for $2.99 each and every tuesday. not anymore. the state is worried such deals to drive competitors out of
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business. isn't that what free-market are about? if they want to compete, lower prices. if not, what consumers walk up the door. that's my "2 cents more." it's obvious. coming in tomorrow, president obama's says deficit reduction is not a goal unto itself. shouldn't it be? of every action. that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night, and we will see right back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. a lot to cover tonight. the white house has made it clear for some time that the initiative to change immigration laws and the status of more than 11 million people in this country illegally would be a priority this year and, today that effort began in earnest. but the public bush did not originate at the white house but rather in the senate. for eight senators launched what they hope will be ultimately a grand bargain to change immigration laws and the
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immigration system itself. the plan, based on accomplishing these four goals, securing the borders, creating an effective employment verification system that would ensure businesses don't hire illegal immigrants to create the visa programs for skilled, highly educated workers to establish an agricultural worker program, and then establish a pathway to citizenship for those illegal immigrants who deserve the opportunity in their judgment. well, new york democrat senator chuck schumer calling the bipartisan blueprint a major breakthrough. he claims his fellow democrats are not looking to play politics with this plan. >> we do not want immigration as a wage issue. much rather we want a bipartisan bill that solves the problem and becomes law. it is our hope that these principles can be turned into legislation by march and have a markup by chairman leahy with
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the goal of passage out of the senate by late spring or summer. lou: senator mccain bluntly acknowledged the republican party has been losing support of hispanic voters and says this agreement will change all that. >> the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. and we realize that in many issues which we think we are in agreement with our hispanic citizens, you will find that this agreement has very little difference from that of the legislation that was led by senator kennedy some years ago. lou: meanwhile, we will be joined by one of the leaders of the efforts to, working for a year on the republican proposal, adamantly opposing amnesty. he says, this plan closely mirrors his alternative to the democratically backed. >> translator: to. >> principles, i think, are, quite frankly, very similar if not the same.
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is the reason why i signed on to this, and it is a pretty straightforward principle is as we have to modernize legal immigration, have a real enforcement mechanism to ensure we and every year in the future. lou: the senator will be here to give us his judgment on the plan and his role in leading the republican effort to win support about the senate and house of representatives. our first guest tonight says the gang of eight commemoration plant, immediate, unconditional and right amnesty, but the republicans after the last election will not oppose it any longer. joining us now, manhattan institute fellow, city journal contributing editor to matter it -- heather macdonald. outright amnesty. those used to be fighting words in this country. they are no longer such? >> well, it is called probationary status, which is a euphemism for amnesty. immediately grants probationary status to the illegal aliens in the country, which grants them the right to be here until some future point.
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basically it's functional legalization. lou: as we believe, just about every one of those senators use the expression defacto amnesty. because of what is happening in this country in various states illegally year get mortgages in many states and originate with a lot of banking institutions, major institutions. it is the fact no amnesty. it is a reality that is being recognized, apparently now by both parties. lou: that is an interesting point, and it undercuts the notion that illegal aliens living in the shadows. in fact, this is not so onerous of conditions. a problem with official amnesty is the moral hazard problem. that is, it acts as a magnet to people who are considering coming in because they know that if they just did in the border
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at some point they will gain official legal status. lou: and the issue of bringing and attracting more illegal and rents and the number of 11 million which we are using here tonight, that rises to 20 million in some estimates. what is your estimate of the number of illegal immigrants in this country? 40 percent of films are presumed to be over staged on vises. also about 80 percent originating from mexico, central america, south america. >> the vast majority, of course, the biggest block comes from mexico. and we have a very close relationship, but it's also a problem that we have a border that is very close. california is a bus of the future. the population that is not seceding educationally.
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california governor recently the 31 their redistribute middle-class funding to schools with high proportion of english fliers because they are not succeeding. an english lender in california, somebody who has been here all his life, but his academic skills are so low that he has officially designated as a non english speaker. this is a population that is very low educated, the highest proportion of people without high-school diplomas and our country are illegals, and it is not what we need to a vance economically. i was disappointed that arubia, in his earlier, famous interview in the wall street journal proposed as part of this package moving officially toward an immigration system that gets priority to skill rather than family reunification. that idea has dropped out completely of a gang of a plan, which suggests to me that it is a nonstarter and that what we're doing is confirming and corroborating the existing status quo. lou: it will be interesting to
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see. i will be talking with the senator here very shortly. and i will ask him about that. and on your behalf as well as the rest of us because it is an important question. the country has lost sight of how to read effectively administer an immigration program based upon the nation's needs. we have an unemployment rate at 10%. we bring in legally and illegally the same number of immigrants as the unemployment -- as if the umpires were 5%. we will take that up but the senator as well. it's your judgment and that this bipartisan effort this time, unlike 2007 will succeed? >> it will. the election has scared republicans. hispanic, as the term goes. and i think that they believe that if they can get the immigration issue off of the public agenda they will win over the large section of the hispanic population as a public -- republican voters.
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i am skeptical of that is the motivation. lou: skeptical to the point that you think that the republicans are consigned to perfidy from a few well, as a result of their policies, principles, ground game, and no benefit at all then significant benefit with hispanic american voters. >> they should make the case for free markets as vigorously as they possibly can. up to now the overwhelming reason that hispanics have been drawn to the democratic party is big government and taxes, which the support. lou: thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: much more on the bipartisan senate immigration plan. we will be talking with one of its architect, one of the republican leaders. joining us in just moments. ♪ lou: the arabs bring violence second act deadly clashes, states of emergency. egyptian government cannot keep order. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton, a pulitzer prize winner jewett to
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budget millar year. overruled, president obama's appointments to the national labor relations board ruled unconstitutional. what happens now? former nlrb chairman joins us next. ♪ officemax knows... time can be...well...taxing.
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♪ lou: a federal appellate court friday ruled president obama violated the constitution when he made three recess appointments to the national labor relations board. my guest, served on the nlrb and served as its chairman as one of two members on the board until in 2010 the supreme court declared the board could not authorize rulings with fewer than three members. joining me now is the former chairman of the nlrb.
7:14 pm
good to have you here. there is great irony here in the rulings in the democratic response, the white house response, but effectively what they're saying is this, that they see appellate court, 218 rulings are now in the air by some judgments. they are also saying without question that this -- these recess appointments when congress or the senate or in pro forma recess, if you welcome a pro-forma status, that they cannot be considered to be in recess. your reaction? >> to fold. one, the number of cases that are invalidated, it really is an 200, 219, that is the total number of cases. it's only those cases pending before the d.c. circuit that the court refused to enforce. with regard to saying, you know, that the court's decision was unprecedented, the only thing
7:15 pm
unprecedented -- lou: i should explain, which is why jay carney and the white house press secretary said. >> yes. the only thing unprecedented about what was it was the first, no law that the circuit court has ever interpreted what the words of the recess means in a recess caused. and the reason the court did it is because it was faced with president obama is extraordinarily exercise of recess appointment authority when he named these recesses in a 3-day break in a continuous and session. this is why it came to the circuit court. lou: it can to the circuit court, and where do you expect to go from here? it is unclear as to what the administration will do. will appeal and was -- risk having -- well, all of the legal consequences that would flow from my father the feet in either the d.c. court of appeals, full panel, or the supreme court itself. >> lou, i would be surprised if the administration did not take it to the supreme court because, you know, all employers, anyone
7:16 pm
affected by a board decision can appeal it to the d.c. circuit. so anyone who goes to the d.c. circuit will be able to have the board decision not enforced. so, you know, i think it would be incumbent on the administration to take -- excuse me, to the supreme court, and i believe the supreme court is going to affirm the d.c. circuit. i think their conclusion is inescapable. lou: and you at one time, one of two members on the board making rulings, making decisions. and the supreme court eventually making the determination that you have to have at least three out of five rather than just to. i mean, as you are making those rulings, participating in that did you not suspect strongly are no certainly at least in your inner heart and mind that it is crazy to have two people making those rulings? >> no, not really. i thought about that. you know, at the time no one questioned the authority that i or no one questioned will not
7:17 pm
lead men or my appointment. everyone recognized we were lawfully appointed. the only issue was whether or not we could decide cases as a 2-member board. we had a legal opinion from the office of legal counsel with said that we could. five circuit courts weigh in. for circuit court said we had the authority. one circuit court curiously enough, the d.c. circuit was judged centel writing the decision, and he found we did not. the d.c. circuit decision kind of came late in the date. my recollection is the four circuits came first. lou: and you also have some experience with the idea of pro-forma. sessions as they -- the effort first created by the democrats under the bush administration to stop his recess appointments which was effective against that white house. he decided to recognize that pro-forma continuation of the session. >> that's correct.
7:18 pm
president bush decided that he was not going to question the senate when the senate said that it was in continuous session. president obama was different, and he said that he, you know, could exercisers' as upon a party. it is a broader issue. naming recess appointments. lou: before we get too deep in these weeds, they really did was say that they're going to have to be in recess if you're going to do our recess appointment. they're of -- you have to end the session because otherwise it is absolute fraud if, fakery, and foolishness to believe otherwise. >> tell that to the clerk. lou: i tried from time to time. it's great to have you with us. thank you.
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up next, violence by entering out of control. dozens of demonstrators killed in clashes. judy miller, ambassador john bolton on thh future of the region. a bipartisan senate -- senate committee reached -- reaching a deal on immigration reform. or of the key architects of the proposal, senator mark arubia joins us here live after the break. ♪
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♪ lou: a bipartisan group of eight senators rolling out a comprehensive immigration reform proposal. one of the architects is senator marco rubio. he will be here in moments. mixed news on the economy leading to mixed results on the street. durable goods orders of stern expected. pending home sales weaker than expected. the dow fell 14 points, as in the retreating three, and the nasdaq of four and a half. volume on the big board today,
7:23 pm
three and a half million shares. caterpillar reporting profits dropped 55% in the fourth quarter. stockouts are rallying of nearly 2% on the date. toyota regaining its but as the number one global carmaker, selling nine and recorder million cars and trucks last year, topping general motors and volkswagen. the news did not help the stock price down dollar 32. yahoo shares up sharply in electronic trading. the news had earned $0.32 a share, for some special expected. revenue also started an expected in the credit market, yields on a ten year treasury crossing above 2% for the first time since last april. closing today with a yield of just under 2%. my next guest is part of the so-called gang of eight that officially released a bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform today. he talked about why fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority. >> i live surrounded by immigrants. my neighbors are in rents. my family is married -- i
7:24 pm
married into a family of immigrants. i see the good of immigration, how important it is for our future. as most americans, i recognize the critical and immigration system that works has been for our heritage as it is for our history, our future. lou: joining us now, senator marco rubio, republican of florida. great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: and here we go. are you confident that this is the best path to take going forward? >> well, i think it is important to alamo we have been talking about. is a set of principles as are important in the architecture and the on line of what you want to do, but now you have to work on the details of the bill. that is really where this is going to be important. by the way, whenever we work on as a starting point. there are 92 other senators who have opinions about immigration. house of representatives. and we have gotten away from the process of making law, but it is important for us to follow in order to have a good product. this is a complicated issue. both sides of this issue raised
7:25 pm
legitimate points that need to be addressed. but today was a good first step in what will be a pretty long process in terms of getting the right ideas on paper and ultimately into law. lou: when you talk about going through committees, going through hearings, talking about regular order, that is going to be a departure from their recent history, as you well. are you assured that that is what is in prospect for this important legislation? >> well, i am concerned that if they don't is going to let him into failure. but will be in error is to cook something of secretly in bringing to the floor and give everybody a take-it-or-leave-it proposal. is important we have input. by the way, house of representatives will have some say as well. this is a complicated issue, and i arrived at it basically because i think what we have now is untenable and we have to begin to address it. another of the undocumented issue gets attention, but what concerns me just as much is we don't have a legal immigration system that works for our country and we don't have enforcement mechanisms of work.
7:26 pm
no sovereign country can be sovereign for long if it is not an immigration enforcement mechanisms. we have the reality 11 million human beings that will be interested airlines whether they have documents are not and have to address that as well. lou: senator, i have covered this issue for some long time. i have -- i put forward a syllogism over three years ago. i will exceed to anyone's on this issue. who comports to resolving the syllogism, and it is simply this. if we are to reform immigration laws, we must control immigration. the only land on which to control immigration is to control our borders and ports. does that make sense to you? >> it does, and the principles reflects that. the law has to reflect that, the principles do. one thing that we do that is not getting enough attention, really big deal. maybe because i'm from florida it is a bigger deal to me. someone comes into this country and a temporary visa. we know when the command but not if they have relief.
7:27 pm
on other things i call for is a full implementation of the season -- lisa. 40 percent of our undocumented people enter legally and overstay visas. the border is critical to the critically important. the border is not just an immigration issue been bigger national security issue that is immigration. finally, the workplace enforcement issue is critical as well, whether it is e-verify, or some other process, if you don't have a control at the workplace enforcement you're going to continue to have a magnet for people to come here without documents. lou: senator, one of your fellow senators, ted crews joining the senate this year, expressing his reservations, if i may quote what he has said for our audience's benefit. he said in response to the proposal, however, i have deep concerns with the proposed at the citizenship to allow those who came here illegally to be placed on such a path is above inconsistent with rule of law and profoundly unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who
7:28 pm
waited years if not decades to come to america illegally. your reaction and your view? >> well, i have long shared the same concern, and i think that is why we have outlined it the way of we have. will we do here for people who are undocumented is they have to come aboard, undergo background check, pay fines and back taxes and so forth and then all they get is a temporary status basically or think of it as a probationary status that allows them to stay in the country and work, but did not qualify for federal benefits, cannot turn of the citizens to bring anything else and they're going to have to be in a status for a significant amount of time. significant enough so that it is a disincentive to do it in the future for anybody. after that time is a lapsed and after we have a certified that the enforcement things have actually happened because the big mistakes of the past have been in the legalization but have not done the enforcement and i don't ever want to have to do this again. so after both the time has elapsed and the enforcement things have happened, then the only thing they're going to get
7:29 pm
is the ability to apply for a green card, just like anybody else would, not especially, in the regular way by getting in line, qualifying for the reason they apply for, except truck. all we will give them a chance to ultimately earn is the chance to do what they should have been the beginning we just try to enter into legally. in the other point i have made is they can at leapfrog anybody who has applied before them legally..3 in essence, we now want to see a single person has done the right way be disadvantages' as a result. lou: senator, i have to applaud the outline the you have put forward along with your colleagues, the other seven senators in a gang of eight. let me ask you this because you have said previously that it is important to you to seize killed and highly educated immigrants come to this country as well. they have been, frankly, if i may, left behind. there are the ones who have not even gone to the shadows at. are we going to see a visa and an incentive approach to bring
7:30 pm
such people to our country? they're desperately needed, as you well know. >> i'm glad you asked. tomorrow morning we will be announcing a bipartisan bill on immigration reform friday vises. is the thing -- it is a proposal letting a lot of people find exciting, and is one and i hope will become a part of whatever package ultimately passes because you're absolutely right. the 21st century we cannot have any rate -- immigration system that only six and a half% of the people come here do so based on skill. i am a supporter. that's my parents can't tell that in the 21st century our immigration system has to be more skills base that is right now. i will try to take a first about that tomorrow when we announce what they call the science technology engineering and math the set. lou: terrific. senator marco rubio. great talking with you. we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you so much. lou: more on the immigration proposal, the battle over illegal immigration and what to do about it throughout this broadcast. the president today calling for
7:31 pm
law enforcement back up on gun-control, choosing congress as his next target. the "a-team" reactor. three passes. the media letting newsmaker stayed on the sunday news shows as abc and cbs outlawed follow-up questions. this secret underground iranian nuclear research facility, reports of an explosion. are they true? is israel behind seven times? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations to my john bolton, a pulitzer prize winner judith miller. join us with the answers. ♪
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♪ lou: deadly clashes across egypt after the opposition coalition rejected president morsi call for national dialogue. the white house today said the clashes demonstrate that egypt is now in a difficult path to
7:35 pm
democracy. joining as now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton, a pulitzer prize-winning journalist judith miller, both fox news contributor. ambassador, start with you because you are, i think corresponding someone -- you seem to be amused by the president and the white house language. >> yes. a difficult path to democracy. this is a sure road to collapse in egypt. whenever trust there is broken down. a large part of it is the fact that the economy has tank and had the muslim brotherhood and morsi have done nothing to correct it, but if the anarchy continues i think the only answer is that the military is going to have to step in, and that is going backwards, not forwards. lou: why is there no response from the republican party or, forrthat matter, the democrats and the senate of the congress? the gift of 16 to the government in egypt, 200 abrams tanks, and no one seems to want to answer -- first and no one wants to ask the question of me for the past
7:36 pm
weaker so. who are they going to use those tanks and f-16 since? >> well, i don't think they're going to use them all. this is kind of i gift to the united nations -- states. we give them money that they used to buy our weapons and airplanes and then everyone is happy. lou: you have to step out. we just give them over for a half billion dollars. you may call that a gift. it looks to me like a continuation of a perpetual gift process. >> it is a gradual gift. >> exactly. >> is started in 1979 with the camp david accord which is why we do at the moment is to spain -- lou: this is where i say shocking. shocking. >> i would not give it up. i would not cut it off until it was clear. >> plan meant on jimmy carter.
7:37 pm
lou: i blame the republicans demint democrats, president after president continues. >> there is another reason to make sure that that military is not unhappy with the nine states. the one group. lou: to assure that what? >> the egyptian military is not unhappy with the united states. >> make sure they are not unhappy. >> all of your back -- double negatives. and try to figure out why we give a damn. >> because the only group that we have any influence over an aged, and we can use it to our advantage. this is not about democracy. lou: how is this working so far, folks? >> it could be. lou: bout to your superior knowledge and perspective on international relations. >> the white house. lou: i cannot for the life of me understand why we're doing right now with the nation of israel,
7:38 pm
how we're representing u.s. interests in the region,. >> overall our policy is deteriorating rapidly. lou: i should not have last year to top that. >> israel is in grave peril, and that is why we ought to try and influence the one station that is moderately stable. >> i have learned. i -- >> we will be back tomorrow night. >> if you don't like this one until you see what is going on in syria. lou: before i go to syria where there is discussion of an attack by israel, which makes the salinas sense to me and all, is their sense in there that i could share with our audience.
7:39 pm
>> i think israel is very concerned about, number one, the regime using chemical weapons that could affect israel. or even worse, these chemical weapons coming into the hands of other terrorists that could be used against israel. >> that is the chair concern. lou: the true concern, a strike likely by israel. unilaterally and fair. >> i think that the israelis will do whatever they feel they must do to protect their population, and that is why they're starting. >> is this a figleaf, this business about then must decide what they're going to do, the idea that they would do anything without the foreknowledge and the agreement. >> they have done it before and would not hesitate. we did not work this out. >> i have to say that, well, you said that in unison. lou: their nuclear facility. real, not real, rumored, or is
7:40 pm
there real intelligence basis. >> of the grim know enough yet to be sure about that. lou: ambassador bolton and judas -- judith miller. see what happens, they turn on me. solid agreement. thanks for being here. thank you, ambassador. up next, sandy hook father telling the connecticut state legislature no more knew gun laws. is powerful testimony here next. ♪ coming up tomorrow, the cut-out there are some of the strictest into illegal immigration laws in the country, he is the secretary of state of kansas, chris comeback, leading immigration attorney and former prosecutor, fox is legal analyst among our guests. the president to unveil his own
7:41 pm
immigration reform initiative smarm. the "a-team" takes that appear next. go to -- the star facebook page, twitter, e-mail. ♪ ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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making the big romantic gesture. that's powful. verizon. get a droid razr m by motorola in pink for $49.99. ♪ lou: state lawmakers in connecticut today looking into a gun violence prevention following the sandy hook massacre. more than 1,000 people showed up to express their opinion, including the father of a 6-year-old sandy hook victim. much better job of enforcing its current rather than passing new ones. >> people who wanted to have a civil discussion on the topic, i don't think gun laws are protecting people, let alone the 500 pairs last year. more than enough on the books. we should hold people individually accountable for their actions and enforce lars
7:45 pm
-- laws appropriately. lou: lawmakers said they weapons ban would not work and would lead to, in fact, a black market. milwaukee county sheriff staying firm and his call for citizens to arm themselves rather than rely on police during an emergency. the sheriff released this public service announcement last week. >> you can beg for mercy from violent criminal combined under the bed, you can buy back, but are you prepared? consider taking is certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. lou: that app sparked a heated response from the mayor of milwaukee, tom barrett to released a statement saying, apparently shares david clarke is auditioning for the next dirty harry movie. he did not back down a bit responding, several years ago a tire iron wielding suspect the mayor tom barrett within inches
7:46 pm
of his life. a firearm in a plan a defense would have come in handy for him . the mainstream liberal media giving democrats a free pass into separate interviews over the weekend. abc this week conducting a six desman a long interview with senator bob menendez of new jersey. it did not ask a single question about an fbi probe into allegations he slept with underage prostitutes in the dominican republic. and on cbs 60 minutes, president obama and outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton were thrown softball questions on benghazi, including one that led to this joke. >> i remember bob gates, the first thing he said to me, i think maybe the first week or two, and he obviously had been through seven presidents or something. he said, mr. president, one thing i can guarantee you is that at this moment somewhere, somehow, somebody in the federal
7:47 pm
government is covering up. [laughter] lou: cbs has the same news outlets that held damaging taped material of the president contradicting himself on the benghazi attack until two days before the election. and cbs political director john dickerson recall last week urging president obama to pulverize the republican party. up next, the department of homeland security looking to acquire thousands of the very same weapons the president is trying to take away from citizens. the "a-team" on double standards and more. the capital one cash rewards card
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sphere one
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♪ lou: joining me now, the
7:51 pm
"a-team", former ku rational candid it, fox news contributor, pulitzer prize-winning columnist , fox news contributor, democratic strategist. faugh let's start year. the talks earlier, a member of the gang of eight, the senators who have put forward a proposal i gather the president. what is the reason for that time in your judgment? >> i think it is very smart strategy politically. first of all, we have seen what happened to conservative republican senators have shown a willingness to work with the president predicted primary by the extreme-right core benefit in utah. lou: i see republicans out there right now resigning from the party based on what you just said. >> exactly, but there are quite a few. the point here is the ec than trying to avoid looking like they're pursuing their own initiative verses looking like they're working in a bipartisan way, and democratic senators want to assert themselves verses just being.
7:52 pm
>> if i could to might think it is also -- lou: just an echo. that was a very bipartisan. >> a lot of democrats don't trust the president either on a lot. i mean, it's interesting to see harry reid out today so enthusiastic. you did not see that under control. he is happy to move away from gun-control and talk about -- >> of course he is because the nra -- nra gave him a b grade. they supported him. of course, they don't want him to a do gun-control. >> that's also understand, looking at is strategically, this issue is going to be the easiest salads is congress and president face. lou: immigration. >> absolutely. republicans need, democrats wanted. >> what republicans need? >> is the is bank board to five hispanic vote by 74%. >> and that hispanic, but i know several that the citizens of the right way, and this is that the number one issue. >> allow you to carry that message. >> the reason republicans did not do well, we're seeing guys
7:53 pm
and we did not know how. lou: setting that is an interesting point, but miles of think it is, by the way, an absolute that hispanic american voters, certainly retreating from the republican party. adding more profound than an even know is that every voter retreated from the republican party. 2012 was a disaster. it was a disaster for the leaders. it was a disaster the way in which they relate to the issues of the day, and it did not have a ground operation. where is your party? >> did not have a ground game. you're exactly right. trying to reinvent themselves, and we need vision, we need to send -- stand on solid principles. we did not know how to articulate that vision. lou: this is not about whether you could communicate. lou: you know what, we are going
7:54 pm
to come back with these folks. angela is going to give her opportunity. first, we're going to let michael goodwin, so shy, so reticent to miss so -- we're going to try to bring him forward into the conversation here is the continued. stay with us. ♪
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lou: one of the things i like to take up here is the change of politics over the course of the last three or four years. if we can put the most recent fox news poll on those who support a pathway to citizenship because this is critically important particularly confirmed and validated with professional polls as this goes forward. i'm a pathway to citizenship, 66% support it, that number would have been reversed in terms of opposition not so long ago. >> i suspect it is probably in
7:58 pm
the sense as the proposal gets flushed out, if it does not involve real security and immediate probationary workpapers, the security comes two, three, four years later which means never. that number could drop. a strong showing republicans have to acknowledge. >> we are seeing more compassion because of these people who live in the shadow. they're the number one victims of crime so they have to come out of the shadows. people are working on illegally. neil: do you agree? >> four years after forcing the congress to address border security can now have that athlete come in from democratic and republican senators. obviously scrutinize how well they do it, but the fact is we
7:59 pm
now have a bipartisan agreement. >> i still believe we should build a fence to protect our borders. >> that is in the proposal but whether they do it or if they don't, they will just have a sense for more people to come here illegally. lou: for lots of folks are on that issue. you heard senator rubio destined for serious leadership over the course of the yea years in the republican party put forth that fundamental first condition of for everything we follow. one reason begins to prevail at that level across the party and across both parties we have the prospect of getting things done. i want to conclude, if i may, with the head of the ncaap said he believes black americans are worse off under this president. talking in

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